Alike any sophisticated mechanisms, the Vianney Halter watches require regular servicing.

Actually, the tiny drops of oil which are essential in lubricating the moving parts of the movement dry out after a period of time. They have to be removed and replaced, so as to avoid premature wear and tear of mechanical parts. Some components might be worn and should be replaced too.

Your watch should be serviced at least every four years, even if it is working well. It should be noted that after four years, the movement has been running for more than 35'000 hours, which is far more e.g. than the 4'000 hours or 20'000 km service interval of a motor-car. Regular servicing will help to keep your watch in perfect running condition for many years.

Furthermore, even if you are a careful owner, your watch can be damaged when scratched, shocked, dropped, or improperly used. This requires the watch to be taken back to the workshop to be fixed. In any case, it is our policy not to leave a Vianney Halter watch owner without answer and to provide him the best assistance we can.

When necessary contact us for assistance and from the purchase of your watch register as a Vianney Halter watch owner by sending an Email to: